Updated 1/18/2024:

Welcome to the State University of New York’s Student Loan Service Center

 SUNY’s Federal ID for Student Loan Interest Reporting is 16-1514621


If you have a student  loan(s) that is directly serviced by the U.S. Department of Education (DOE), such as a Federal Direct Loan, Click here for repayment information. 


Federal Perkins Loan Borrowers:

The Perkins loan that you received from the State University of New York (SUNY), is a school-held loan serviced by the SUNY Student Loan Service Center (SLSC).  Your Perkins Loan was not eligible for either the 0% interest rate pause, or the proposed Student Loan Debt Relief.

•Your Perkins Loan continues to accrue interest at 5%, as per the terms of your promissory note.

• The Perkins loan program does not have a federal income driven repayment program (IDR), as is offered on federal Direct Loans serviced directly by the U.S. Department of Education (DOE).

• Perkins Loan borrowers are not eligible for the benefits of the SAVE program, which was implemented by DOE on federal Direct Loans.

You may be eligible for Perkins Loan cancellation. Forms and qualifying criteria are available to you in the Borrowers section of our website under. Perkins Loan Deferment, Cancellation and Forbearance Forms.

• The Perkins Loan program allows for loan cancellation based upon continuous full-time service in specific fields of employment.

• Deferment is available under specific qualifying circumstances. You must complete the appropriate deferment request form and submit your written request to the SLSC for eligibility determination.

• An eligible borrower can receive a maximum of 3 years of Unemployment Deferment and a maximum of 3 years of Economic Hardship Deferment over the repayment period of their Perkins Loan.

• Forbearance is an option, however interest continues to accrue during periods of forbearance. The number of years that you can receive forbearence is limited.

• Completed Deferment and Forbearance Requests can be emailed to SUNY SLSC at slsc@albany.edu

• Borrowers must be mindful of the number of years that they have remaining of both deferment and forbearance.


Health Professions and Nursing Student Loans Borrowers:

The Health Resources Service Administration’s (HRSA) COVID-19 relief policy ended.